Finance - PE / VC / Strategic Investment

Finance being the most crucial resource plays most important role during life cycle of any business.

The sole objective is to create finance to sustain operation and to take the business to its desired objectives..

Raising finance is the key factor for business and that too with least cost and meeting end objectives.
Various means of raising finance can be explored such as debt or equity or combination of both. Also private placement or strategic investment can be considered depending upon many factors and suitability of terms.
Infinite Assets offers its expertise on the same and recommends its roadmap as per customization of clients.
Company targets all sectors and segments and work in tandem with most PE & VC funds catering such needs of small to large businesses & institutions.
Company has its core competency in search of strategic investors for business and supports business to manage its specific objectives.
Finally, company shows the future means of generating fund through competent means and ever inflow of liquidity.
Equity for Agro Food Industry

PE fund for Agro-Food segment.

The focus continues to be on the food and agri sector (farm to fork including restaurants). Our ticket size is USD 5-30 mln for significant minority stake (growth capital only).